2024 KD Titanium - Blank with Fin

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"The Titanium feels more like an extension of the skier than a piece of sporting equipment that must be adjusted to. The titanium is fast into the wakes and delivers automatic turns. The Titanium also provides an unexpected level of forgiveness when the skier does something unwise." -J. Horton, Ball of Spray

  • Tournament Pro model
  • machined light and reactive PVC foam core
  • RCD top deck
  • Full graphite lay up
  • Tip lifting rail
  • Adjustable Fin system with Foil
  • Made in USA

The brand-new Titanium is like nothing you’ve skied on before!

In development for over 2 years, this USA-made ski is loaded with features to deliver performance set after set!

The all-new Titanium tops the Element series and is loaded with features and performance.

We started with our world-class Platinum and increased the flat spot under the bindings, thus adding stability and speed. We moved the tip riser step in the front of the concave towards the tip of the ski to allow the concave to disperse the water a little further forward during the turn whilst still helping raise the tip of the ski should the skiers feel that stalling feeling. The inside edge of the tail bevel has been rounded to allow the ski to roll through the turn a little more smoothly, especially on the gate turn.