KD Cloud Wakeboard Series (fitted with fins)

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"Ladies say goodbye to wakeboarding one direction and getting caught outside the wake unable to cross back over!
Introducing the JOBE Cloud, with its innovative fin shape that’ll make your offside turn as smooth as your heel side. The secret to the Cloud’s success is the dual Molded fins that start at the far edge of the board, assisting in the initiation of turn the moment the rider shifts their body position. The combination of continuous rocker and the variable edge rail that is rounded near the middle but sharpens at the tip and tail, gives riders complete control over the amount of bite they get from each turn without the worry of catching. Designed specifically for a woman’s lower center of balance, with lighter foam core and fiberglass lay-up the Cloud is makes ticking off the fundamentals of wakeboarding effortless, saving time and energy for the more advanced maneuvers. Whether you prefer to slash like a skier or are just building up confidence to attack that wake, the all new Jobe Cloud will stand and deliver."


  • Infinite Fiberglass Wrap
  • UV Based Resins
  • Compressed PU cores
  • Wide Tip & Tail
  • True Angled Molded Fins
  • Hybrid Rocker
  • Full-length Center Channel